Buying Food Service Disposables in Bulk

When running an eco-friendly restaurant, it can be tempting to steer clear of food service disposables. However, it's not always feasible to use non-disposable table cloths, napkins, flatware, and other food service items. Additionally, these types of items require the use of water and energy to clean. When you need to use food service disposables, you may be surprised to discover that those disposable items can actually be environmentally friendly. The following are just a few of the greener options available.

Hot Cups and Sleeves

World Art Hot Cups, the industry's green cup of choice, are made from renewable resources, are certified compostable, and meet ASTM-D6868 standards. EcoGrip sleeves are the perfect accessory for the World Art Hot Cups, made from 90 percent recovered materials and also meet ASTM-D6868 standards.


Not only is Enviroware cutlery manufactured with an AOC (Active Organic Catalyst) to accelerate degradation, it also meets ASTM D5511-02 standards and is microwave safe. The packaging is made from 48 percent post-consumer material and 52 percent total recovered material.


A variety of manufacturers produce eco-friendly plates including Gold Label, whose plates are recyclable, renewable, compostable, and biodegradable. Nature's Own Green Label plates meet the same standards in addition to being certified by Cedar Grove Composting. Huhtamaki, Chinet, and Southern Champion round out the list of green dinnerware manufacturers EMPACS carries.


An ideal alternative to plastic, paper bags are recyclable, renewable, compostable, and biodegradable in addition to being certified by Cedar Grove Composting. Both the bags and their packaging include 40 percent post-consumer material and between 50 to 100 percent total recovered material.


Manufacturer Eco Products proves you can have a compostable takeout box. Their box is made from 100 percent reclaimed materials and meets ASTM-D6868 standards.

No matter what type of food service business you run, you can always have options for green food service disposables.