Dangerous Biofilm

What Is Biofilm?

Biofilm is produced when germs build a barrier that protects them from disinfectants – even strong ones such as bleach. Think of biofilm as a thin fortress that enables bacteria to hide. It literally provides bacteria the protection they need from the disinfectants we use in our cleaning processes. The biggest problem with biofilm is that it can provide a safe haven for unwanted organisms like Legionella, Listeria and E. coli.

According to the Healthy Facilities Institute, “Biofilms are around us everywhere in our rooms, offices and even in our own bodies. By scientific definition, a biofilm is microbes (bacteria, algae, yeast or fungi, protozoa and viruses, hereafter called ‘bugs’) that grow collectively in adhesive polymers (mainly extracellular polymeric substances) on live or non-live surfaces.”

Becoming colonized rather than merely floating in water on damp surfaces gives bacteria a significant method of survival. The bacteria actually activates a different set of genes, making it resistant to biocides.

How Does Biofilm Form?

Biofilm forms when bacteria excretes a slimy and sticky substance that attaches to many different kinds of material – including plastics, metals, and even human tissue. If the initial bacteria aren’t cleaned from the surface they attach to, they become stronger and more permanent through cell adhesion.

Bacteria needs damp surfaces to create biofilm. Kitchens, pipes, urinals and toilet rims are ideal places.

Getting Rid of Biofilm

Although many believe that biofilm can be removed using disinfectant and letting it set over time (dwell time), this is just not true in most cases. The reality is that even when submerged under disinfectant for over 20 minutes, biofilms have been known to survive.

The simplest way of removing biofilm and the bacteria it protects is to incorporate both agitation and a disinfectant. A scouring pad will break up the biofilm, allowing disinfectants to work against the bacteria. Hand trowels that hold a microfiber pad are effective against biofilm. Spray a disinfecting solution and scrub the effected area with a microfiber pad.

Physically agitating all surface areas where biofilm may be present can be a labor intensive task. The alternative to this is using Steriplex SD.

Steriplex is a revolutionary disinfectant that kills's the hardest to kill spores in under five minutes without using corrosive bleach. It is a broad spectrum Sporicidal. It is also Tuberculocidal, virucidal, fungicidal and kills bacteria in under 30 seconds.

Steriplex is so effective in killing the most difficult to kill microorganisms that it is the only EPA registered product to kill anthrax. In hospital clinical trials comparing Steriplex to bleach and other hospital grade disinfectants, Steriplex was the only disinfectant tested that achieved 100% kill on all microorganisms, on all surfaces tested.

Steriplex is the only sporidical disinfectant available with an HMIS (health rating) of zero. Steriplex has no toxic fumes, is not harmful to the skin or eyes and can even be applied without wearing gloves or a mask.

The unique chemical profile of Steriplex elevates efficacy and makes new protocols possible. Imagine being able to disinfect all surfaces within any environment quickly and safely. Aerosolizing is by far the most efficient way to apply a thin layer of liquid to any surface. The problem with most high-level disinfectants is that they are far too toxic, flammable and corrosive to be applied by spray application. With the very highest sporicidal kill and zero toxic fumes or corrosion, Steriplex can be applied in the most advanced mechanical spray devices to quickly and easily disinfect even the most complex surfaces. From floors to ceilings, chairs, vinyl, water sensitive equipment and everything in between. Steriplex does not require wipe up or a post rinse step. Once applied Steriplex dissipates from the air rapidly and leaves no toxic residues.

With simple spray application Steriplex achieves 360° sterilization of all surfaces quickly and safely and achieves total elimination of all C-diff spores, MRSA, TB, Norovirus and other dangerous microbes.

Steriplex 360° Touch-less is the future of disinfection.

Let us provide you with a program that will completely eliminate all bacteria in your facility.

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