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Four Tips To Maintaining Gym Mats

Many indoor sporting activities require the use of gym mats to promote safety and prevent injuries. However, compared to other types of matting, gym mats have very specific placement, cleaning, care and storage requirements. Following these guidelines closely will help keep matting in good condition, providing years of use.

Upon receiving. If a gym mat is delivered during the cold winter months, do not unroll it until it has been stored at normal room temperature for at least 24 hours. In some cases, unrolling a gym mat in cold conditions can result in damage to the foam and outer coating of the mat.

Cleaning the mat. Clean mats by first sweeping them to remove grit and dirt. Sweeping with microfiber versus poly/cotton blends makes a huge difference. In addition Vileda micrfiber flat mops removes 99.9% of pathogens without chemical. Clean them with a neutral pH cleaner and then a disinfectant before each use—or, better yet, before and after. This keeps mats as clean and healthy as possible.

“We highly recommend Steriplex. Steriplex is a non corrosive disinfectant that kills all spores, fungus and bacteria without harming the mats or the people using the mats”, says Larry Anderson of EMPACS, (Environmentally Managed Products and Cleaning Supplies).

Clean underneath mats. While it is not necessary to clean under mats after each use, moisture and mildew can build up in these areas over time. This can eventually damage the mat, as well as the floor below. It is also a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean and damp mop the floor underneath mats using microfiber flat mops at least every few weeks and spray Steriplex disinfectant once per month.

Properly storing gym mats is also critical. If it cannot be stored flat, roll the mat up and secure it so it does not unravel. This should keep it in good condition until next use.