Importance of Odor Control Products for Your Business

The impression your business makes on customers is extremely important and scent is a surprisingly big part of that. For example, in a restaurant the aroma of delicious food will have customers' mouths watering before they've even seen the menu.

On the other hand, if something smells "off" or unpleasant, those customers will be heading back out the door before they can be seated. The following is a list of commonly used odor control products and how each can help your particular business:


Deodorizers come in a wide variety of forms, including spray, water-soluble liquid, enzyme digester liquid, powder, and gel. However, one type of deodorizer you may not have heard of is the eco hang tag. These recyclable, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) deodorizers provide 100 percent more fragrance than comparable air fresheners and can be hung from bathroom stall door stops or from toilet handles.

Metered dispensers

Metered dispensers and refills are available in a wide variety of natural, customer-pleasing scents. This type of odor control product has the advantage of being effective yet extremely low maintenance. Batteries last two years and refills last up to 180 days. Not only that, but metered dispensers can also be extremely earth-friendly, with 63 percent fewer VOCs than a standard aerosol and 64 percent less packaging waste.

Urinal and bowl

Toilets and urinals can be difficult to keep smelling fresh. However, scented screens are an ideal way to deodorize these tough spots. Using saniscreens with cleaner blocks is an effective way to not only deodorize, but to also prevent scale building up and maintain drain lines. Saniscreens are a low-VOC product with biodegradable formulas.

No matter what type of business you run, these products are sure to help improve ambiance and please customers.