Keep Your Extractor Performing

In order to get the best life and best performance out of your extractor, you need to follow these simple maintenance steps.

First, every time you are done using your extractor, make sure to empty both the solution tank and the recovery tank. The recovery tank needs emptied because if you leave debris and water in the recovery tank with the dome closed, the next time you go to use it it's going to smell like the funk of 40,000 years that Michael Jackson talked about in his Thriller video. So make sure to empty the recovery tank, clean it out and leave the dome off so it can air dry.

The solution tank should be emptied after every use because detergents that are allowed to sit in the solution tank can clog filters and pumps.

Make sure that your brushes are cleaned. It's easiest to remove the hair, lint and debris that's on the brushes when it's wet. Make sure that they're cleaned off whenever you're finished using the machine

Make sure to clean your vacuum shoes and jets. The vacuum shoes should be cleaned while all of the hair and debris that's in them is wet. One of the things you can use to clean a vacuum shoe on an extractor is a zip strip cut down to size. The strips are designed to grab hair and lint. You can also use the strip to go up into the vacuum shoe and pull debris out.

Finally, use a soft toothbrush to remove mineral deposits from the Jets on your extractor. Never stick anything sharp into the Jets as this can damage the fan pattern that the Jets are designed to have.

If you follow those few steps your extractor's will perform every time you need them and give you the best life possible.

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