Making the Switch to Green Cleaning Chemicals

For years, it has been a myth that green cleaning chemicals do not do a good job. What people often forget is that we have been using green cleaning chemicals for hundreds of years and have managed to do a decent job. Environmentally friendly cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda, as well as other simple ingredients, can do just as good a job at cleaning as the latest chemical concoctions created by chemists in the labs of the largest laboratories in the country.

Our business provides quality green cleaning chemicals that are ideal for janitors or businesses that want to keep their establishments clean without using harmful chemicals, including exceptional selections from MISTY®. These cleaners are made with a food-grade protectant, which means it is easy to work with and dries without leaving behind an oily film. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, airport, or government building, you’ll be able to keep everything clean without worrying about leaving behind that oily slick feeling.

Additionally, these cleaners quickly dissolve dirt, grease, smudges, and other crud from a variety of surfaces. They can be used indoors or outdoors on hard surfaces. They are ideal for janitors cleaning schools and other places where people may be putting their hands on virtually any surface.  Think about making the switch to green cleaning chemicals for your business today and you’ll be pleased to see more happy customers at your establishment.