Preventing Costly Slip and Fall Injuries in Your Business

Over 42,000 workers are injured annually due to falls. Around 66% of falls happen from slips and trips, and 34% are falls from heights.

In the United States, falls are one of the leading causes of injury – accounting for approximately 9 million visits to emergency rooms annually. These injuries lead to a staggering 95 million lost workdays per year.

The financial consequences of slips and falls can be anything from minor inconveniences to enormous liabilities to your business. Victims of such injuries are often awarded benefits such as pain and suffering, lost wages, past and future medical expenses, earnings potential, legal fees and more. The National Floor Safety Institute has estimated that the average cost of a slip-and-fall workers’ compensation claim is $4,000. Awards for injuries to customers can be as high as $100,000 per claim.

Some of the most common office falls are the result of:

● Uneven walking surfaces, such as steps or thresholds
● Wet or slippery floors
● Poorly lit walkways and work areas
● Tripping over electrical cords
● Tripping over rugs, wrinkled carpeting, and other objects

Elementary Housekeeping

Because worker and customer injuries from falls are very costly for any business, protecting against them should be a high priority for any facility manager or housekeeping service. Basic housekeeping is the most important measure in preventing slips and trips. The most effective fundamentals for preventing slip and fall injuries include:

● Keeping walkways well lit and replacing burnt-out light bulbs
● Marking spills and wet areas, and cleaning them immediately
● Removing obstacles from walkways and keeping debris swept at all times
● Covering any cables lying across the floor, and tacking or taping mats and carpets that don’t lay flat
● Always put wet floor signs up and block off recently mopped areas

EMPACS offers a variety of tools to help mitigate the potential for slips and falls. Here a list of items we recommend.