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Vacuum Productivity

How do you determine what vacuum to use in different areas of your facially?

First you have to understand that soil walks into the building and is worn off the shoes in the first 40 feet of textile surface. Which means that for most facilities the first 40 feet of carpet off the lobby, in a door or any place where carpeting transitions from hard surface is a high soil load area. Areas like that need to be vacuumed with an upright vacuum that has a brush bar to provide agitation as well as suction. Using a vacuum like a backpack vacuum or canister in areas like this is not as effective as having agitation and the suction an upright can provide.

Once your past that first 40 feet it’s all about productivity. for example in large corridors you would not want to use an upright vacuum as much as you would want to use a wide-area vacuum. That’s because an upright vacuum on average does about 2500-3500 sq ft per hour. While the wide-area vacuum can do 10,000 sq ft per hour.

Backpacks are another tool, once you get inside the first 40 feet of heavily soiled carpets, a backpack vacuum which does 7200 sq ft can be an effective tool when you’re moving through cubicle areas and offices.

So just remember the first 40 feet of carpet that are going to take the heaviest soil load should be vacuumed with an upright vacuum because they combine agitation and suction beyond the first 40 feet it’s all about productivity and that’s where you want to use a backpack vacuuming in office areas or cubicles. And a wide area vacuum in wide-open spaces.

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